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Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT can help you regain the energy and vitality you had in your youth. Call us today at 561-277-8260 to schedule an appointment at our anti-aging and wellness clinic located in Jupiter, Florida. 


It all begins with knowing your symptoms and getting your blood work done to understand your numbers. Once you meet with our physician and understand your symptoms and hormone levels, we’ll know if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. We’ll develop a customized treatment plan just for you, so that you can benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT. 

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Testosterone is a sex hormone made by the body that’s responsible for both normal growth as well as the development a male’s sex organs. It’s also responsible for the sexual characteristics that are typically associated with men, like facial hair, a deeper voice and lean muscle development. Testosterone is made in the testes. The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland regulate how much testosterone the testes produce and put into circulation in a mans body. In healthy men, testosterone levels between 300 ng/dL and 1,050 ng/dL are usually considered normal. Healthy physiology causes our brain and testes working to keep testosterone levels within this normal range. However, there are various environmental and physiological influences that may cause our levels to fluctuate. Things like plastics and chemicals to stress and illness may cause levels to drop significantly. This is where TRT can help men live healthy and happy lives.

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TRT is not just to help men improve their performance in the bedroom and make them look better (although it certainly helps with both), but instead testosterone replacement therapy in Jupiter has several positive health benefits for men over 40.  TRT in Palm Beach Gardens in West Palm Beach, also called Testosterone Therapy Treatment has been shown by medical research to be safe for most men, however there remains several misconceptions about TRT even within the medical community. That is why it’s important to do research and speak to an expert in the field of HRT. As it turns out, being on a physician prescribed and monitored TRT program has several health benefits and many of the misconceptions about TRT have been discredited by the medical community Statements by the American Urological Association confirm its safety.  ( ) Another recent study has shown that there is no increased the risk of heart disease or stroke as a result of TRT and even concluded that patients on a long-term testosterone replacement program could even benefit from BHRT and have shown a reduction in cardiovascular incidents and stroke. TRT is both safe and potentially improves not just vitality and quality of life but overall health as well  Testosterone Replacement Therapy in West Palm Beach at our clinic is changing mens lives one patient at a time.